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Members are part of a community of individuals and companies with the mission to grow the global talent mobility industry in Asia.

Participation in ATMA provides opportunities to grow personally and professionally.  Members uphold the highest professional standards while engaging in activities that enhance them.Members exchange knowledge through a variety of opportunities including the ATMA Annual meeting, ongoing webinars and mentorship programs.  Members can also access and contribute to the blog: Talent Mobility Today and through social media channels.Active participation with speaking, committee and board opportunities is strongly encouraged.

Top benefits of Atma membership

Professional Development & Learning

Workshops and webinars on talent mobility topics specific to APAC

Access to resources, publications and future research

Ability to participate in the Mentorship Program

Social Impact & Sustainability

Promoting inclusive and responsible talent mobility practices 

Fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in the remote and mobile workplace

Networking & Collaboration

Networking opportunities with industry leaders, experts and peers

Collaboration on research, projects and initiatives

Strengthening partnerships across Asian countries for mutual growth

Advocacy & Policy Influence

Representation of members' interests in shaping

talent mobility policies and facilitating discussions and influencing positive change

Facilitating Talent Mobility

Cross-border talent exchange and collaboration opportunities

Enhanced cultural understanding and global mindset development

Knowledge Sharing & Best Practices

Platform for sharing industry and region-specific

knowledge and expertise

Exchange of best practices in talent mobility and development

Insights on regional trends, challenges and emerging opportunities

Upcoming events

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