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Mentoring Asia Program

Why Mentoring Matters

Mentorship is a transformative relationship that has the potential to benefit anyone, regardless of age, background, or career stage. Whether you're a recent graduate, a mid-career professional, or a seasoned veteran in your field, statistics overwhelmingly demonstrate the positive impact of mentorship. 

  • A study published in the Journal of Vocational Behavior found that mentees reported significant skill improvement in areas such as communication, leadership, and problem-solving.
  • In the same study, 84% of mentees said they were more confident in their abilities after being mentored.
  • The Association for Talent Development (ATD) reports that 75% of executives credit their success to having a mentor.

MAP Agenda and Goals

The ATMA MAP Mentorship Program is designed to:

  • Inspire growth within the Talent Mobility community to enable and empower members to thrive in their career
  • Develop leadership capabilities, knowledge and expertise of emerging leadership talent based in Asia Pacific
  • Build a strong and knowledgable Asia Pacific talent mobility community capable of representing Asian countries with government, business and the global mobility industry worldwide
  • Promote diversity and equity by providing learning and development opportunities across all demographics in Asia Pacific
  • Form a networking community among the mentees within the mentoring circles – “Kampung Spirit

MAP Overview

The MAP program requires a four month commitment.  Once an application is submitted:

  • Mentees will be paired with their mentor based upon their responses and goals stated in their application.  
  • An Introductory Meeting will be hosted by members of the Mentorship Committee to complete introductions, confirm the ground rules and to review the parameters of participants responsibilities.
  • After two months, a mid-term check will take place to ensure the program is running smoothly
  • At the end of the four month program, participants will be asked to share feedback on their experience to help improve the MAP program.  Graduates from MAP will also be encouraged to give back by participating as a Mentor in the future.

The initial MAP Mentorship Program is set to begin soon, register now: members click here

Current Mentors

Here’s the list of our experienced mentors:

 “Mentoring Asia Program (MAP): Our MAP to create the Future”

The ATMA Mentoring Asia Program (MAP) seeks to fulfill the mission of the organization’s commitment to supporting mobility professionals throughout Asia. 

Mentoring facilitates the transfer of knowledge, increases confidence and supports the growth of talent mobility professionals into future leaders of their organizations and the industry, and foster a positive learning culture for the talent mobility industry.  It also provides the opportunity to build strong relationships and networks on which enable the growth of an industry.

As a benefit of membership in ATMA, there are no additional costs to participate in MAP. The first ever MAP program will be officially launched in October.

To sign up for MAP, register now as an ATMA Member.

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