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Is Hybrid Work the Solution for Asia's Tech Talent Woes?

12 Apr 2022 06:25 | Sharon Michnay (Administrator)

Employers Need Workers, What do Workers Need?

As the pandemic moves into an endemic phase, the original reason for  remote and hybrid work also retires.  There are real concerns about maintaining an engaged, inventive and productive team without the interaction that comes with close physical proximity.  Many employees, on the other hand are unwilling to return to the strict office culture.

Techwire Asia just published an article exploring the topic as well as a report by Poly Research whose results showed the relationship between retention of existing employees through the lens of hybrid work:

Exiting employees disclosed that the top reasons for leaving are tied to their employer's approach to hybrid work:

    • Employees discovered better suited jobs (19%)
    • Employees did not get the desired flexibility of hybrid working (16%)
    • Employees were unhappy about the way employers handled COVID (9%)
    • Strategy and equality are misaligned: Less than half (48%) of all organizations are fully prepared for hybrid working, while 37% are only prepared in the short-term. A further 52% think that hybrid work is a blip. Meanwhile, 24% each of the Americas and APAC employers, and 17% of EMEA employers are demanding that their employees return to the office full-time.

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