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The New World of Talent Recruitment

16 May 2022 21:53 | Sharon Michnay (Administrator)

Articles regarding the Talent Uprising are plenty these days.  The shortage of workers post-pandemic has impacted how companies are approaching talent management overall.

Employers are switching from a reactive to a more pro-active process for sourcing and engaging talent.  The goal has changed from filling vacant positions to strategically thinking about how to ensure talent will be available in the future as positions open.

This recent article “New Recruitment Practices in Asia Pacific” from the HR Exchange Network offers five emerging ways to build up talent capacity.

  •     Hire for future talent needs
  •    Consider job applicant potential and skills instead of only focusing on qualifications such as university degrees
  •  Look for new pipelines of talent including colleges and meeting young job seekers where they hand out online
  • Consider incorporating AI-powered recruitment programs
  • Use programmatic job advertising to find niche candidates

Relocation benefits were not mentioned, but they make a strong partnership with recruitment especially as the search for talent goes beyond the city location and sometimes the country.  Relocation benefits can be used to improve the company onboarding program by helping with the personal move needs of newly hired employees, paving the way for a great start to the relationship.  Relocation and expatriate benefits also help ensure focus is kept on the job by removing some of the stress involved with a new location, finding where to live or which schools are best for children. 

As an example of using relocation benefits as part of the recruitment offer, The Asian Development Bank publishes their list of employee benefits, including relocation support, on their websites career section.

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