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Summer of our Discontent Webinar | Recording & Wrap Up

10 Aug 2022 03:44 | Sharon Michnay (Administrator)

Thanks to those of you who joined us for the inaugural Asia Talent Mobility Alliance webinar.  We are especially grateful for the time and talents of our esteemed panel of presenters: Janet Chiang, Ella Ong, Lee Quane and Avrom Goldberg.

A Few Highlights  

  • Digital Nomad Visas:  The GOOD: They make an attractive offer for individuals to work remotely from Bali for up to 5 years without tax issues.  The BAD: There is not mention yet of what taxation corporations may yet face if an employees takes part. 
  • Post-Covid Benefits:  Pandemic darling virtual assignments saw an increase over the past few years.  Recent ECA study reports that virtual assignements were seen more as a contingency measure and in the coming years will fall out of use in favor of all other types of long and short-term assignments.
  • Cost of Living:  There are challenges to how companies manage benefit policies.  Some are based upon information now outdated due to local supply/demand issues and inflation, others because the local market has changed (re: Singapore now requires tenants to pay broker fees) or assignee needs have changed with invent of the hybrid working and home office requirements.  But also, there can be an assignee perception of change that doesn't warrant a policy adjustment or enhancement. 
  • China - Assignments are shifting to other locations in Asia due to continued Zero-Covid policies.  China will not lose importance, but companies will change how they allocate roles in the country.  Shanghai and Hong Kong may join with Sri Lanka as hardship-locations where it is difficult to attract talent.
  • Talent - protecting employee purchasing power and the employee experience are top of mind for relocation benefit packages in the coming year.

Work is already underway for our September webinar, and of course the official launch of the Asia Talent Mobility Alliance.  

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