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Webinar Recording: A Corporate HR Perspective on Work From Anywhere

13 Dec 2022 07:20 | Sharon Michnay (Administrator)

Top Notes from “A Corporate HR Perspective on Work-From-Anywhere” Webinar

  • Asian companies are starting to see mobility in a more strategic direction rather than just a transactional one.
  • There is more than just getting employees to the US and back, there is a shift to focusing on mobility for movement across and within Asia.
  • Next year, Asia will account for 75% of global economic growth.
  • There is a lower demand for work from home in Asia compared to the rest of the world.
  • Success in work from home relied upon a group of employees who have worked together for years and had long-standing relationships and company cultural knowledge.
  • Hybrid work is here to stay, even if remote work is not.
  • Hybrid and flexible work arrangements are more viable than virtual assignments. Technology makes it possible, but an assignment isn’t just about getting work done.

Get more insights, watch the recording:

Our gratitude to Daniel Wan, Shumin Yeo and Avrom Goldberg for the great conversation.

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