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Post-Covid Fundamentals for APAC & China Talent Mobility

4 Jul 2023 02:25 | Sharon Michnay (Administrator)

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Content Highlights:

  • APAC and China are leading the world in economic growth for 2023, it's share is 70%
  • 43% of the worlds 5,000 largest companies are headquartered in AAC
  • Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia are anticipated to see new and more attention
  • China is expected to see increasing foreigners into China combined with increasing domestic mobility
  • There is a large difference between locations for desire to be remote
  • Cost and need to fill talent gaps are driving diversification of policies
  • Local talent availability remains a challenge in SEA, but China is less dependent on expatriates
  • Cultural background can impact an individual's willingness to do an overseas assignment
  • Seeing more self-initiated moves

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  • ATMA Reception in Singapore on September 6, 2023
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