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Making the Case for ATMA Membership

20 Jul 2023 03:45 | Sharon Michnay (Administrator)

Talent Mobility is a strategic imperative for companies seeking growth and competitive advantage. Investing in an Asia Talent Mobility Alliance membership for your HR and Talent Mobility staff offers numerous compelling benefits that can significantly impact your organization's success.

Here's Why:

Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices

As a member of ATMA, your Talent Mobility team gains exclusive access to a platform that facilitates knowledge sharing and the exchange of best practices. They can tap into industry-specific insights and innovative strategies currently in use across Asia. ATMA's near-future goal is to offer research and reports to members so they can benchmark their own programs.

Networking and Collaboration

ATMA membership offers invaluable networking opportunities with industry leaders, experts, and peers from diverse sectors and geographies, all with a uniquely Asian focus and perspective. Your Talent Mobility staff can engage in meaningful collaboration, foster new partnerships and gain exposure to novel ideas. These connections can lead to enhanced organizational capabilities.

Influence Talent Mobility Policies

By joining ATMA, your company's Talent Mobility team becomes part of a collective voice advocating for favorable talent mobility policies in Asia. ATMA's Advocacy goal is to collaborate with governments and policymakers, enabling your organization to shape policies that support talent mobility, reduce barriers and enhance the ease of doing business across borders. 

Professional Development and Learning

ATMA offers professional development opportunities for HR Talent Mobility professionals, including workshops, webinars, and access to industry resources. Investing in their continuous learning and skill enhancement will empower them to navigate the complex landscape of talent mobility with confidence and expertise, driving optimal outcomes for your organization.

Social Impact and Sustainable Development

Aligning your company's talent practices with ATMA's focus on inclusivity, diversity, and responsible mobility contributes to positive social impact. By prioritizing equitable talent management, your organization fosters a culture of fairness and equal opportunity. ATMA also supports sustainable development goals, supporting your company to be a responsible corporate citizen in Asia. 

Resource Optimization and Cost Efficiency

Membership in ATMA enables your Talent Mobility team to leverage shared resources, infrastructure, and expertise among members. This collaborative approach optimizes costs, eliminates duplication, and streamlines mobility processes.

Asia Talent Mobility Alliance (ATMA) is dedicated to empowering the talent mobility industry in Asia. It is the first not-for-profit mobility organization developed in Asia specifically for Asian and Asian headquartered companies. Members include HR, Talent Acquisition, and Global Mobility teams and those in related fields that provide the support and structure to position employees wherever needed. ATMA advances its mission through services and programs that support members' communication, education, community, and advocacy.

Membership opens August 1, 2023.

  • $300.00 USD - First Membership
  • $200.00 USD - Each Additional Member

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